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5 Uses for Drone Technology


Here's a few uses for the Drone that show true potential for this technology.

As you probably know, people, small business and large company’s are putting unmanned aircraft to good use.   Drones have become an inexpensive and accessible way to help accomplish various complicated tasks. 

Here are 5 potential uses for a Drone

1.  Filming, video and aerial photography — Drones are starting to be used to take video and film sporting events. Real estate agents are using drones to photograph neighborhoods

2.  Shipping/ Delivery — While the FFA is not in favor of Drone delivery, company’s like Amazon, UPS and DHL see its potential. Drones can be used to deliver small packages, pizzas, letters, medicines, beverages etc. at short distances 

3.Construction Sites — The monitoring from above of construction project sites provides a new input during all phases of a project life cycle. Aerial photography is done now for only the largest projects, however the input would be used more widely and more frequently if more readily accessible. The ability to quickly model from above in 3D with increasing precision will provide a important way to check on projects, compare to plans, as well as better coordination of materials on the job site.

4. Law-Enforcement and border patrol — Helps with crowd surveillance and public safety, help in monitoring criminal activity, Crime scene and fire investigations. The border patrol monitors criminal smugglers of migrants and drugs with Drones.

5. Fun — Plenty of people are picking up drones to play around with, both by flying remotely and by programming drone AI (artificial-intelligence). It can be used in many ways to capture videos and photographs. 















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